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What Takes To Recover


Most patients consult our office because they’re suffering from some type of ache or pain. Visits are scheduled close together during this early stage of care and there are three possible responses.  Some patients see fast results with their symptoms improving quickly.  A few patients actually seem to get a little worse before they improve.  And I’m happy to report that most patients enjoy steady improvement, with each visit building on the ones before and they reach ‘Decision Time.  Recovery process starts with suffering, and should at least ends with healing.  Most patients attempts to discontinue treatment in the middle of process "stabilizing".  You’ll be feeling   better, but the supporting muscles and ligaments haven't fully healed and strengthened.  That’s something that happens after symptoms disappear. You’ll have to decide whether to continue your visits to achieve maximum healing and keep yourself in tip-top shape, or…" Coast. And the only way to coast is to go downhill." Without the strengthening and healing that happens post stabilizing, you’ll be predisposed to a relapse.  I can’t predict when, but most patients tell me it happens at the worst possible time.  When this happens, I hope you won’t blame chiropractic, if we didn’t have the opportunity to fully heal supporting muscles and soft tissues. Many people think that once they feel better, that they are better. But people with undetected cancer, heart disease or even the early stages of tooth decay may not have symptoms, but they certainly aren’t healthy!"

Manhattan Beach Chiropractor | What Takes To Recover. Dr. Azita Tabassian is a Manhattan Beach Chiropractor.